Review – Is legal? And How to trade? Review – Is legal? And How to trade?

Min. Deposit5$ Demo Account Yes, FREE!
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  • Free Demo account whith $10.000
  • Trading Platforms: Mobile App (SmartTrader,Tick Trade), Binary WebTrader & MetaTrader 5
  • Instruments: CFD, Forex, Crypto, Binary Options, Stocks
  • Many different payment methods
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Known as the famous, long-standing Binary options broker. Let’s find out what is And Is it really reliable to trade?

What is is the oldest Binary options trading platform and is highly regarded in the field of Binaryoption. At you can trade currencies, indices, commodities and aggregates 24/7. – The premier platform for trading binary options in the world’s financial markets.

What is’s patented pricing technology allows you to benefit from the same rates of return as traders in the interbank market.

  • Real-time prices, benchmarked against interbank options markets.
  • Returns above 100% on simple rise/fall contracts.
  • Returns above 1000% on higher/lower and touch/no-touch trades.
  • No hidden fees or commissions.

Video What is binary options trading?

is a reliable broker or a scam?

The evaluation of which reliable broker is always the most important issue and makes traders struggling in finding information and evaluating. Below is a summary of information to help you quickly assess whether is a scam? or reliable enough for you to Start trading.

Is legal? Is my money safe? is owned and operated by Binary Ltd. was established in 1999 and started providing services to users in 2000, licensed to operate legally by the Financial Services Commission in Malta.

The company undertakes that your deposit is kept in a separate trust account and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Can be withdraw?

Since its establishment and operation, has always been highly appreciated from the binary option trading community in the world. Very few withdrawal problems occurred and were supported to resolve quickly for customers, This helps investors feel secure when trading at Trading Platforms Trading platforms offers the following trading apps and platforms:

  • Deriv: an all-new trading experience. This is an intuitive and powerful app that gives you quick access to all your favourite markets and allows you to easily monitor your open positions.
  • SmartTrader: Premier binary options trading platform for smartphones and tablets.
  • Tick Trade Android App: This app allows you to trade fast everywhere
  • Advanced Trading platforms: Meta trader 5 (Trade forex, CFDs, and binary options with a powerful platform recognised as the global standard), Binary WebTrader, Binary bot.

In addition, offers a number of charting platforms such as TradingView and SmartCharts, to help you Study financial data to forecast market movements.

How to trade

Sign up for free account

You can start trading completely free by signing up for an account HERE

If you are busy or movable, download the application of to be able to trade anytime anywhere (works on both Android and ios). With app, traders can check their trading account status as well as execute trades.

Guideline: How to trade

At, you can participate in with 3 following forms of trading:

  • Rise/Fall – Predict if the market will rise or fall from its current level, or if it will end up higher or lower than a target price.
  • Touch/No Touch: Predict if the market will touch or not touch a target price.
  • In/Out: Predict the market in the middle or out of two target prices.

Deposit and withdraw money at

You can easily deposit and withdraw via many different methods: Visa/Master card, E-wallet (Netellet, Skrill, PerfectMoney, FasaPay…) Or use Cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw quickly (Bitcoin, ETH, USDT,…).

Minimum deposit amount is only from $5 (when using E-wallet) and $10 (when Using Credit/Debit Card) so everyone can easily joi.


  • The minimum amount for withdrawal will vary depending on the latest exchange rates
  • Your withdrawal will be processed in one business day (Monday to Friday 9:00 am–5:00 pm GMT+8) unless stated otherwise
  • Additional processing time may be required by your bank or money transfer services for the funds to be credited to your payment account.

Video How to deposit and withdraw using credit and debit cards:


By practical experience and synthesizing the opinions of investors at, we have summarized the following advantages and disadvantages of


  • Good trading platform with many features
  • There are many different trading options
  • There are many payment methods (deposit and withdrawal).
  • Supports many different languages ​​in the world
  • Free demo account, low minimum deposit (only from $5).

Defect: Less promotions

Above is a summary of information and reviews about, If you have any questions or shared views about, please leave a comment below the article. Thank you!

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