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About Forexfanclub

Forexfanclub.com is a brokerage review platform that offers useful information and reviews on all kinds of brokers on the internet for you.

We also provide valuable and up to date information on binary option, crypto currencies, CFDs, futures, stocks and more…

Our mission is to provide traders from all around the World with top quality, accurate and up to date information about “Forex brokers” and “Binary option platforms”, strategies and tips, news and promos.

We know, there is a lot of scam in the market, and our goal is to identify shady companies and reveal their fraudulent activity to the public.

We allow everyone to share his or her opinion about any broker or platform listed here.

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We welcome any feedback that you may have for us. Not only do your comments and reviews help us to create better content, it also allows us to support our other clients in their trades.

We allow everyone to share his or her opinion about any broker or platform listed here.

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How Do We Make Money?

Website Forexfanclub is free to use. We charge no subscription, take no payments from visitors and do not store or collect any user data.

We have partnerships or marketing relationships with some of the companies listed on our comparison tables. This can result in a commission if a visitor opens an account and trades with a broker having clicked a link on our pages.

We really do our best to be unbiased, To make our reviews more objective, we don’t moderate or delete testimonials or comments, written by visitors or our website. Everyone is welcome to share his/her positive or negative opinion, to add some information to our reviews, to argue and publicly disagree, if they have different opinion. Unless comments are insulting or spam, we will not delete it.

We are not a broker , but an independent source of information about Forex & binary options. Our goal is to provide you with trustworthy and honest opinion about the best brokers in the market, to help you make the right choice!

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Forexfanclub.com is a free trading portal which specialises in Forex trading and binary options trading. We readily welcome any feedback from our users.

If you’d like to rectify errors in our trading articles or comment on one of our strategy articles, please use the contact details below.

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